Win One+6 phone Offered By BBPS

Bharat BillPay Digital Campaign OnePlus 6T Phone for Lucky winners “Pay Bills through Bharat BillPay enabled digital channels and get the speed you need”
Terms and Conditions 1. BACKGROUND / OFFER DETAILS: o This is a promotional offer with an objective to create awareness at a national level among Participants, about the convenience of utility Bill Payment through Bharat BillPay. o This offer is not a part of any Brand. Through this promotional offer National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is merely attempting to create awareness of simple and safe utility bill payment through Bharat BillPay enabled channels anytime anywhere. NPCI does not in any manner whatsoever promoting any Brand and would not be in any manner be held responsible for any grievance faced by Participant of any nature whatsoever. Clubbing of any offer(s) / scheme(s), if any, will be at the sole discretion of NPCI. o Offer Period shall be for the period commencing from 3rd December 18 to 3rd February 19 (both days inclusive) [Offer Period Contest / Lucky Draw]. o By accepting these terms and conditions the Participant (defined below) does not in any manner become Participant of NPCI, nor would the Participant be entitled to seek any reliefs under the Consumer Protection Act against NPCI in any manner whatsoever. 2. DEFINITIONS: o Biller Categories shall inter alia include Electricity, Gas, DTH, Water and Telecom (Mobile Postpaid, Landline Postpaid, Broadband), including and not restricting such additional categories as would be included by NPCI as per its sole and absolute discretion.
o Participant shall mean and include Indian citizen (excluding Legal entities such as Body corporates, LLP, retail shops, business correspondents, bank-branches, biller/merchant collection centres or website etc.) who pays his/her utility bills in the Biller Categories. o OFFUS transaction is considered when Participant makes the utility bill payment from Bharat BillPay enabled Channels of banking and non-bank entities (digital player) o ONLINE/DIGITAL CHANNELS shall inter alia, include Net Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile App/Wallet and Website of Banks/Non-Banks (Digital Players). The Channels are listed on 3. OFFER TERMS: o The Offer is valid for only the above mentioned Biller Categories o The Participant in order to be eligible/be entitled to win one (01) OnePlus 6T Smartphone would have to ensure to carry out the following: a. Participant would have to register on the Bharat BillPay OnePlus 6T Campaign Page i.e. . b. Participant would be required to carry out minimum three (03) successful OFFUS transactions in a month through single registered mobile during the Offer Period from the Biller Categories through online/digital channels only. The lucky participant who does maximum no. of bill payment transactions wins a chance of OnePlus 6T Phone. c. Participant can check the list of digital enabled Bharat BillPay channels through Participants have to select their respective bank or non-bank (digital players) and proceed for Bill Payment on the respective Website or Mobile app. d. Participant needs to furnish his/her details (Name, Unique Mobile No and E-mail ID) to Bharat BillPay team for verification Purpose. By entering the details each participant agrees thatany and all personal data submitted
may not be collected, used and/or disclosed by NPCI. The sole purpose is for communication with the Participant for purposes related to the Offer, to provide OnePlus 6T to the Participant who has won. o Maximum six OnePlus 6T phone will be distributed during the Offer Period. o Every month Bharat BillPay team will verify the eligible Participant details (before declaring winners / eligible for Prize (OnePlus 6T Smart phone) and will declare 3 winners eligible for OnePlus 6T Smartphone. Each of such eligible winner/contestant/participant will be eligible for only one (01) OnePlus 6T smartphones during the entire contest term/period. o Winner(s) would be required to provide their full particulars, including their full PAN Card/Address Proof for the purpose of verification & audit and to enable NPCI to dispatch the OnePlus 6T Smartphone to such Winner(s). o Each Participant may submit multiple entries or do multiple registration but is entitled to win only one (01) OnePlus 6TSmartphone during the entire contest term/period. 4. NPCI Employees and their immediate family members (including spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters or relatives friends) are not eligible to participate in the Contest / Lucky Draw. 5. Participation in the OnePlus 6T Contest is subject to the Contests Terms and Conditions as set out herein and which are also available at (collectively T&Cs). Entry into this Contest is deemed acceptance of these T&Cs and any amendments, additions, replacements, variations and modifications hereto, which shall be final and binding in all respects on each Participant. Amendments to the T&Cs will be posted at from time to time, during the Offer Period. By entering the Contest participants agree to be bound by and to comply with the T&Cs. Non-compliance with or breach of any of these T&Cs may disqualify a
Participant at any stage of the Contest and any prize(s) won may be forfeited, withheld, withdrawn or reclaimed. 6. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and non-cash prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. NPCI accepts no responsibility for any tax or other liability that may arise from the prize winnings. 7. Participants shall not, without the prior written approval of NPCI speak to the press or any other media nor give any interviews or comments relating to the Contest / winning thereafter. 8. This Offer and its terms and conditions shall be governed exclusively by the laws of India and jurisdiction shall be vested exclusively in the courts at Mumbai in India.

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